14. Coffee Bean: Mimosa Taster Pack


Mimosa Coffee Taster pack are sold in the whole set to you to enjoy different varieties of coffee at the same time.
This set is bundled with either 3 of these:
Ethiopia Sidama Guji ZB, Natural
Ethiopia Yirgachefe Dumerso (100g)
Colombia Huila San Adolfo, Washed (100g)
Indonesia Papadayan (100g)
Indonesia Lintong (100g)
Ethiopia Yirgachefe Hayisa (100g)

Hope you enjoy it!

It comes with either 3 varieties from here just at special price!

Ecuador Sidra – 100g
Yunnan Suki (Natural) – 100g
Yunnan Bling (Washed) – 100g
Indonesia Lintong – 100g
Indonesia Golden Madheling – 100g
Ethiopia Sidamo Washed – 100g


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