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Meet The Founder, TJ Mah

Our founder has a solid educational background and a diverse professional experience that has shaped their journey. Here’s a glimpse into their academic and professional history:

Educational Background:

Industrial Chemistry at Universiti Putra Malaysia:
TJ Mah laid the foundation for their career by studying industrial chemistry at Universiti Putra Malaysia. This academic background likely equipped them with a strong understanding of chemical processes and quality control, which are undoubtedly valuable in the coffee industry

Life Before Coffee

Prior to venturing into the coffee world, TJ Mah gained valuable international experience by working at Top Glove, a prominent manufacturer of rubber gloves. He served as an expatriate in both Malaysia and China, which suggests their ability to adapt to diverse work environments and cultures.

The combination of their academic foundation in industrial chemistry and their experience as an expat in a successful multinational company showcases our founder’s versatility and adaptability. These experiences likely played a significant role in shaping their entrepreneurial journey in the coffee industry, where attention to detail and a global perspective are crucial for success.

Early Struggle

In the early days of TJ Mah’s coffee venture, the aroma of freshly brewed success was not immediate. Starting in the coffee business was akin to setting sail in uncharted waters. 

He faced the daunting challenge of establishing their presence in a fiercely competitive market, where giants had long been rooted. Sourcing premium coffee beans was a complex puzzle to solve, as was the need for specialised roasting and brewing equipment.

The grind of brand building demanded relentless effort, with the founder striving to craft a unique identity in a sea of familiar names. As they delved into the world of coffee from an industrial chemistry background, there was a steep learning curve to master the intricate art of roasting, brewing, and sensory evaluation.



During those early stages of their coffee business, financial uncertainties cast a shadow over our founder’s entrepreneurial path.

Our founder had to ensure a seamless supply chain that consistently delivered the highest-quality coffee beans. This involved establishing and nurturing relationships with suppliers, transporters, and everyone involved in the complex coffee supply chain.

At the same time, they recognised that impeccable quality control was essential to win the trust of their customers. The founder understood that consistency in flavour and quality was paramount in the competitive coffee industry. The team’s
 willingness to learn, grow, and adapt to the challenges set before them was a pivotal factor in their success.

Striving for Perfection

Striving for perfection is an unwavering motto that continues to drive our founder’s journey in the coffee business. Even as they have overcome the initial hurdles and achieved significant success, their passion for the art of coffee remains as fervent as ever. Their deep understanding of coffee and its complexities has grown and matured, and this knowledge fuels their pursuit of excellence.

While their coffee venture has evolved into a thriving business, our founder views it as an ongoing canvas to paint their coffee dreams. They constantly explore new roasting techniques, brewing methods, and flavour profiles, never settling for mediocrity. In this relentless quest for perfection, they turn each cup of coffee into a sensory masterpiece, inviting customers to savour a journey of taste and aroma like no other.

Their enduring dedication and unyielding perseverance stand as a testament to the transformative power of unwavering commitment in the pursuit of a dream. As they continue to perfect their craft, their story remains a source of inspiration to all who share their love for exceptional coffee.

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